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  • The company has been awarded the “Central South University Talent Cultivation Base Integrating Industry, Academics and Research” and “Central South University R&D Center Integrating Industry, Acade
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  • On Dec.31, 2010, approved by the General Office and the Industry, Academics and Research Office of Central South University, the company was formally awarded the “Central South University Powder Metallurgy Research Institute Talent Cultivation Base Integrating Industry, Academics and Research” and “Central South University Powder Metallurgy Functional Material R&D Center Integrating Industry, Academics and Research” with the cooperation agreement signed. Chairman Cai Jianliang and the general engineer Huang Zhiping have been recruited as the faculty adviser of the Talent Cultivation Base Integrating Industry, Academics and Research.  
      As a famous company manufacturing iron-based powder metallurgy in Hunan Province, it has complete facilities, advanced technology and diversified products. With strong technical accumulation and consistent pursuit of scientific innovation, the company has successfully developed solar energy inverter soft magnetic material, filled the domestic gap and created a great number of technical precedents. The related leaders and experts of the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University have given high opinion and strong support to such action. Therefore, Central South University decided to make more profound and extensive technical cooperation with the company in the aspect of powder metallurgy functional material. Meanwhile, the company decided to seek the support of the local government to expand investment and expand the new plant, build a powder metallurgy functional material R&D center integrating industry, academics and research and create a new development mode of common progress in “Academics, Research and Industrialization”. (Written by Xiaochen)

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