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  • New Soft Magnetic Product With the Features of High Power And Big Size
  • 作者:   來源:   發表時間:2011-07-02
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  • On Jan.2011, the pot-type and ring cores D100 mm-H50mm were successfully developed when 630 T custom-built pressing machine was used. This is another new product of soft magnetic parts, after pot core with D70mm and H50mm which are used in solar inverters has been successful development in 2009. It is used in strong electric fields with the features of high power and big size.
    The new products D100mm-H70mm is better than product D70mm-H52mm, it improve the strength and also improve the working temperature from 130 °C to 180 °C. It’s Inductance (permeability), Q value and power loss are the same with European products after a hot and cold of the experiment by an electric company. Therefore, our new product are famous at home and abroad.
    In Chan, there are no one manufactory could product this kind pot cores D120mm-H150mm with the features as previously mentioned, so Long-term dependence on imports of this product by our country. With the demand of this kind pot cores is growing fast day by day for the rapid development of power electronics industry at home and abroad, so this kind pot cores D120mm-H150mm is under development to good solute this situation, and it will be rise of the green energy and the clean power industry.
    Nicole Cha

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