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    Yiyang Xinjiyuan Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd is founded in 2003 by Mr Jianliang Cai.

    XJY is High-tech enterprise and in close relationship with CSU(Central South University which is the top university in R&D powder metallurgy materials in China). We have been manufacturing high-quality powder metallurgy products for more than 10 years. In 2008, successfully, we have developed a new high-tech soft magnetic materials Pot cores, since cooperated with Schaffner (international leader in field of EMC). And this new technology has filled in blank of China which is China’s first (have applied for patents for inventions in China).

    In recent years, we have successfully developed new category SOFT MAGNETIC POT CORES (IRON CORES AND SENDUST CORES) and high-power PM REACTORS through greater R&D and innovation. The cores have low power loss, low noise, high current transport capability,  best DC-bias Characteristics and desired EMSE properties. Now it is used in solar energy, wind energy, rail engineering and clean electricity. Most of them are sold to Europe. The reactors have been used in APF power supply which supplied to Wesion Group etc.

    XJY continues to develop more high-quality soft magnetic materials products with technology change. Our primary goal continues to be the development and technological innovation. We would like to make the products according to your requirements by rational manufacturing methods, flexible work routines and creativity.


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