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  • Basic Corporate Law                           


    In the tenet of “Market-oriented, Technology-cored”, we will continue to improve the profitability of our enterprise, and pursue higher corporate value.


    In the tenet of “Customer-oriented, Management-cored”, we will continue to improve the control ability of our enterprise, and pursue greater customer satisfaction.


    In the spirit of “Top Quality, Leading Technology”, we will build our company into a centenary factory and a first-class enterprise.


    Business Philosophy


     Talent First, Innovation Essential, Quality Foremost, Customer Supreme


    Corporate Concept


     Down-to-earth, Benevolent & Creditable, Courageous & Pioneering



    Code of Conduct for Staff


    Technology Research & Constant Perfection


    Dedication & Unity


    Diligence in Work & Sincerity in Behavior


    Nobility in Morality & Loyalty to Family


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