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    In 1989 April founded "Yiyang City sintered alloy factory, mainly the production of powder metallurgy motorcycles and agricultural vehicles shock absorber fittings.


    In 2003 January after the relocation was renamed "Yiyang new era Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.", the main products for the automotive engine oil pump gear rotor and export of auto parts.


    In 2007 January moved to the present site, become "undergraduate internship base Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University".


    In 2008 October the company successfully developed P70 Schaffner pot core producer in China, became the first large power tank type core, the following year into Shanghai Schaffner company supply system has become the important suppliers.


    In 2012 to become a high-tech enterprises in Hunan province.


    In 2014 the successful development of large power, large size, high inductance series alloy magnetic powder tank and reactor.


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