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  • Chairman of the board  General Manager:Mr.Cai Jianliang


    In 1989 April, I resigned from the government. Founded the company, formerly known as "Yiyang City sintered alloy factory, the main production of powder metallurgy motorcycles and agricultural machinery parts. In 2003 January changed its name to the "new era", then enter the auto industry. From the beginning of 2009, along with the technical progress and industrial upgrading in China the trend of the times, our company also made a major adjustment of product structure and business strategy, the company gradually into the soft magnetic materials and magnetic components industry.


    To prove that I nearly 30 years of business history: an enterprise must constantly struggle, will continue to progress. Therefore, the company can from low-end agricultural machinery parts go to high technology electronic products today, from the traditional workshop to develop an advanced technology of modern chemical plant. Here, I to all help and support to all levels of government, the Central South University Institute of powder metallurgy, Schaffner EMC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and other customers to express my heartfelt thanks.


    "The pursuit of quality excellence, our perseverance". Our company is characterized by technology, our advantage or technology. So, I'm not the blind pursuit of scale and speed of development, but the quality of the products and professional technology, but the steady and sustainable development. We rely on the tireless spirit of innovation and efficient research and development advantages, rely on the rapid delivery and reasonable price advantage of this "new era powder" is a world famous brand.


    Though I get older but still ambitious and courageous, because I have knowledge and in the prime of life's successor, I believe that a "new era of the times, we have to start, so I am very pleased.


    We have to do the old factory, a hundred years brand. We are in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation today, with our team of common wisdom and labor, for staff, for customers, to create wealth and value for the society more.


    (written in 2014 August fourth revision of company website)



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